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We Hope To See You At The Reunion Next Week Print E-mail
Written by Gerry Young   
Oct 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM

A few final information notices before the reunion.  There’s still time to register – in fact, you can register and pay for events when you check in.  But earlier is better so we can have name tags prepared and make sure we have space reserved for enough people for the various events.

  1. SPECIAL GUEST AT WEDNESDAY BANQUET: It turned out that most of TUNNY’s WWII vets were unable to make the reunion. Velton Parker, who served on COMSUBPAC staff during WWII and later on TUNNY during her early SSG days, will be on hand.  Be sure to ask him about his  movie career – odds are you’ve seen him perform and didn’t even realize he was a shipmate.  We understand the reunion is much more interesting if we have WWII submarine vets on hand.  Murdock (‘Kimo’) Weltzien has recruited one for us.  CDR Charles Tate (USN – Retired) will be joining us for the Wednesday banquet as our guest.  CDR Tate served as a torpedoman on USS GATO during the war and made eight war patrols on her, six as Chief of the Boat.  He was selected as COB when he was only 22.  He later became an LDO, serving as Weapons Officer on REDFISH as well as in many other billets, and retired as a Commander.  Commander Tate has a special link to TUNNY – his younger brother, John F. Tate, was the last Commanding Officer of the 282 boat, earning a Bronze Star with a Combat ‘V.’  John Tate unfortunately went to Eternal Patrol in January 2010, but his big brother will be joining us for our kickoff dinner.
  2. The initial program called for a complimentary cocktail and hor d’oeuvres on Wednesday evening before dinner.  This is being provided by the Holiday Inn as a sort of bonus for our scheduling the reunion there and meeting certain requirements for hotel rooms occupied during the reunion.  This event has been moved to Friday evening, starting at 5:30 (room to be announced).  We agreed to move it because it included fairly substantial snacks, and we felt that having it just before a generous dinner might affect our appetites.  Since Friday evening is an open evening for people to be on their own or organize a group for a special dinner, that seemed to be better timing. 
  3. The SSN tour is fully subscribed at 25 people. All the names and last-four-digits of the Social Security numbers have been submitted to Squadron 11 for security checking.  Anyone who had previously chosen the tour of the San Diego Maritime Museum in the morning followed by touring USS MIDWAY in the afternoon will have to change their plans.  The easiest way to handle this would be to move to the Submarine Learning Center tour in the afternoon.  This  tour begins at 1330, allowing an hour and a half at the SLC before having to be at the rendezvous for the SSN tour.  The other choice is to forego all afternoon tours and arrange to make your own way to the Submarine Base.  Alby Poblete (SKCM(SS)) told me today he could bring two or three people from the hotel to the Submarine Base in time for the tour.  Please let me know your decisions on this.  Ladies, remember to wear long pants and flat-heeled shoes for this tour.

We’re looking forward to a great reunion.  See you next week.



Gerry Young

President, USS TUNNY Association

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