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USS Tunny History

The USS Tunny was the name of two submarines of the U.S.Navy. The first boat was a Gato-class submarine that served with honor beginning in World War II, and underwent several major configuration changes.

The second ship was a 637-class (long hull) nuclear-powered fast attack submarine that circumnavigated the globe while fighting the cold war.

Both boats used the Latin motto, Illegitimi non carborundum, meaning, "Don't let the bastards wear you down".

If you have any information, stories, pictures, etc., please pass them along and we'll post them.




  • SS-282 (WWII) History  ( 1 item )

    Articles pertaining to SS-282 (WWII) from 1942 to 1945. Tunny went on 9 successful war patrols and earned two Presidential Unit Commendations and 9 battle stars. She was briefly re-commissioned in 1952 for the Korean War, but saw no service.

  • APSS-282 and LPSS-282 History  ( 2 items )

    Articles that pertain to Tunny's conversion to troop carrier APSS-282 from 1966-1968 until she was designated LPSS-282. She served during the Vietnam war, earning 5 battle stars. Decommissioned in June, 1969, she served her country one last time in June 1970 as a training target.

USS Tunny Association
The USS Tunny Association is an organization of former Tunny crew members. The Association sponsors a reunion every two years.
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