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John J. Jenkins, Jr. Print
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John served aboard the SSG-282 Tunny from October 1958 to January 1962.

His Board duties include communicating with Tunny vets via email and occasionally by snail mail regarding reunion announcements and their contact data as noted on the Tunny directory.

John also searches and locates Tunny vets and places them on the directory when valid contact data is revealed.

He is the custodian of the Tunny 282 and 682 directory and eternal patrol list.

Lee is also the representative for the USSVI (Tunny 282) website and has the authority to add/delete and correct data for Tunny 282 veterans.

Send John a note to be sure your email address is up to date.

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The USS Tunny Veterans website is a collaborative effort among Tunny veterans from both the SS/SSG/APSS/LPSS-282 and SSN-682. Articles are welcome from all hands - use the 'Contact Us' link to find out how to contribute.
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